‘Jackass 3.5’ Comes Online In March

Johnny KnoxvilleThe perennial Hollywood.com office favorite Jackass 2.5 showed that digitally releasing a movie can be both easy and profitable. Now they’re doing it again. Following on the heels of Jackass 3D, Paramount will release Jackass 3.5 in March 2011. New stunts and pranks will be released in the weeks prior to the quasi-sequel with them all being packaged together in March.

I, for one, could not be happier. There is something basic and enjoyable about what watching a guy get hit in the face with a Mackerel and in 3D. You can basically ignore everything else that is written about the show, they are either trying to be too smart for their own good or they’re crying that society is about to collapse when it simply isn’t. Jackass is what it is which is boys being boys, only they’re professionals and have a modest budget.

But the digital release of the quasi-sequel (we say quasi- because everything was filmed for the 3rd movie but they had too much, which is nothing more than a quick cash grab, but it is all new material so quit your bitching) is a welcome sign for digital distribution. I mean, if they can show they make a ton of money off just releasing the film through the internet they might start using this as a legitimate means of distribution and not some scary tubes that suck money away from them. Or the people behind the movie realize that people spend most of the time on the internet watching guys get hit in the nuts anyway, they might as well pay for to look good in HD.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter