Jacki Weaver Joins ‘Five Year Engagement’

Jacki WeaverJacki Weaver is set to join Jason Segel and Nicolas Stoller’s sure-to-be-amazing comedy Five Year Engagement. The Oscar nominated actress will work with an incredible cast that includes Alison Brie, Chris Pratt, Emily Blunt, Rhys Ifan, and Lauren Weedman. Let’s be honest here, Weaver will probably end up playing someones mom, but let’s pretend she was going to be playing a foul-mouthed biker babe who also molds ceramic patio furniture. She could still be the matronly figure she needs to be, but buffing her up with some tats and clay stains would be awesome. Really, just anything besides a sweet motherly figure. Animal Kingdom proved she can go crazy. I say we let her! I say, I say, I say!

Source: Deadline