Jackman Vows to Return to Mexico

Hugh Jackman has vowed to travel to swine flu-affected Mexico to premiere his new movie in the country, as soon as officials give him the all-clear.

The Mexico City screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Wednesday was cancelled because of an outbreak of swine flu in the capital.

All tourists are being advised to stay away, and studio bosses refused to risk Jackman’s health by flying him in.

But the Aussie star has vowed to return as soon as it’s safe to.

He tells Usmagazine.com, “I’m a movie fan, I love movies, but they’re just movies at the end of the day — and there are other things that are way more important, such as people’s safety.

“It’s very tragic what’s going on down there…I’m worried for them.

“The government and local officials closed (the premiere down) because they’re obviously closing theaters.

“As soon as they open it up and as soon as it’s safe for people to go out and see movies again, we’ll go back down there.”

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