James Caan, Leighton Meester, and VANILLA ICE Join ‘I Hate You, Dad’

Leighton MeesterNow this is news to brighten your day! Vanilla Ice is back you guys! And he’s going to be in a movie! As a gay wedding planner! Wait, what?


V-Ice (that’s my nickname for him), James Caan (the father of H50 star Scott), and Leighton Meester (the prettiest of the bunch, so she gets the picture. Sorry V-Ice) have all signed on to star in I Hate You, Dad with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg. So the Sandman moves into his son’s (Samberg) place before he gets married to Meester (this is a comedy after all). Things go, one would assume, awry. Caan is the aforementioned Meester’s father. And V-Ice, as you may recall, is the gay wedding planner.

I for one am fairly excited for this movie. The dudes behind it, Sean Anders and John Morris, are also responsible for the not-great-but-still-has-some-redeeming-qualities-to-them Sex Drive, She’s Out Of My League and Hot Tub Time Machine. Not to mention David Wain and Ken Marino contributed to re-writes.

I was fairly excited about this movie when it was first announced and this new bit of casting has only increased the excitement. Don’t get me wrong, this could go horribly, horribly wrong and be the worst thing ever. But if everyone brings their A-game this could potentially be a classic. Potentially. I’m not saying get your hopes up, but at least don’t write it off just yet. V-Ice is a gay wedding planner after all! Hilarity!

Source: IndieWire