James Cameron Confirms He Will Do ‘Avatar’ Sequels Next

James CameronWell that was a short ride. Here I was, thinking I would at least have a few weeks off from thinking about James Cameron and Avatar, but nope! Cameron had to ruin all the fun by announcing that his next two films will be Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. I guess they’re already caught up with the future and ready to go? And because my weekends were starting to fill up that week, they’ve announced that they will be released in December. Of 2014. And 2015. Good to know my plans half a decade in advance.

This puts to rest the story that Cameron would direct Angelina Jolie in a mega-budget Cleopatra movie that had been floating around the past few weeks. While that movie is still a possibility, Cameron did state that he won’t do a film between the Avatar sequels so it looks to be five or more years before we even see that film come close to fruition.

Cameron hopes to get production underway for the sequels later in 2011. He said he will spend the first part of the year writing the scripts for the sequels and considering he had a decade to write the first one (which had everyone raving) maybe having a shorter deadline will produce something good for a change. But who knows, maybe between writing the Avatar novel companion and the new movies he will sharpen his skills and we’ll get something better than “You are not in Kansas anymore, you are on Pandora.”

Source: Variety