James Cameron Developing ‘Myth’ With ‘Avatar’s’ Sam Worthington

james cameron“Alexander wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.” Though originally penned to describe the imperialist of ancient days, this solemn Hans Gruber (not Plutarch) quotation will someday be applicable in describing a modern rising titan. One who continues to take on marathon projects. One who distributes films to America that have greater impact than natural disasters. One who, as it seems, won’t be satisfied until he makes the world’s first trillion dollar movie.

I am talking, of course, about James Cameron: who seems to be the most powerful man in the world. In addition to a Twentieth Century Fox deal for two Avatar sequels—which are meant to finish off the remainder of America who was not overcome by the outburst of depression over not being able to actually live on Pandora—Cameron is working on another doubtlessly epic film, titled Myth. Cameron’s details are as vague as the title, but considering those involved, including Avatar star Sam Worthington and Transformers series producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura as producers, there is no reason to doubt that this film will inspire the next major world religion. Also attached to the project is videogame writer Will Staples, responsible for Lair and Pursuit Force.

So what do we know about this project? Very little, including whether or not Sam Worthington is part of the cast. But what can we be sure about? Total world domination. I’m onto you, Cameron.

Source: MTV


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