James Cameron Takes ‘Titanic’ 3D

James CameronDirector James Cameron announced that he will be re-releasing his watery epic, Titanic, in 3D. Just when I had finally gotten “My Heart Will Go On” out of my head. The director confirmed rumors of the 3D update at the D8: All Things Digital conference yesterday. The film will be converted to 3D and released in time for the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912.

Titanic is not the first film to get a 3D update. Cameron’s mega-hit Avatar has kicked off a 3D craze, with many movies, like Alice In Wonderland and Clash Of The Titans, gaining an unplanned-for extra dimension shortly before their release. The director defended the addition of 3D effects. “There are ways to do it well and there are ways to do it poorly, and I think we have seen examples of both; mostly the latter.” He added, “We’re going to spend months and millions converting Titanic. But if we do lousy jobs of conversions, “pop-up book style”, that’s going to get old quickly.”

While I have to question the marketability of re-releasing a 15 year old film with a higher ticket price, Cameron has profited from unlikely schemes in the past. Besides, there’s a whole new generation of middle school girls to re-introduce Leonardo DiCaprio to, and a whole new generation of middle school boys to disappoint with the really boring sex scene. And you know the first thing they’re going to put into 3D is the stupid “I’m king of the world!” bit.

Source: Gnews