James Franco Eyes Role as a Pornographer

James FrancoApparently, being nominated for an Oscar this morning and making homemade, amateur sex tapes when he was 19 aren’t enough for James Franco. Now he’s considering taking a dive into the real life side of the pornography industry – well, for a legitimate film, anyway. Franco is in talks to star alongside Kate Hudson in a film about porn star Linda Lovelace and her husband and famous pornographer, Chuck Traynor. No, not that movie about Linda Lovelace that was supposed to star train-wreck LiLo, who has since been booted for someone who has her shit together: the lovely Malin Akerman. (Although…both projects are faltering when it comes to finding funding. Gee, I wonder why it’s so hard to fund a movie about porn stars.)

The film will be based off of the book, The Complete Linda Lovelace, and is said to focus on the relationship between Lovelace and Traynor who were together when Lovelace made the famous film, Deepthroat, back in 1972. When she later divorced the pornographer and tried to straighten out her life, she accused him of prostitution and of bullying her into the porn industry.

At the helm will be Franco’s fearless leaders from 2010’s Howl, Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, so we can be sure they’ll handle this story with an acceptable level of taste. The only issue with Franco’s involvement in the film at the moment is scheduling (and the fact that his costar would be Hudson, who can’t seem to act her way out of a paper bag recently); with two directing projects on his calendar, hosting the Oscars and starring alongside Nicole Kidman on Broadway, he just may not have the time. If, however, he does manage to slate the role into his schedule, I think it would be an interesting and possibly rewarding choice for multi-tasking actor.

Source: Deadline