James Franco Is Making a Movie About Himself and Lindsay Lohan

ALTNo, Hollywood’s favorite dilettante James Franco is not happy just starring in movies, hosting the Oscars, writing novels, compiling art shows, collaborating on soap opera art projects, getting his PhD, or making short films. No, he needs more. That’s why Franco has decided to make a very important piece of art: a film about him and human car-crash Lindsay Lohan.

According to a casting notice discovered by The Guardian, Franco’s latest “video/art project” (because God forbid he just make a “movie” like a normal person) is looking for Franco and Lohan look-alikes at ages 13, 21, 30, 45 and 60 to play the both of them.

Other than that, we have no idea what this is going to be. Knowing Franco, he will probably intend it to be a deep rumination on youth, celebrity, mass culture, drugs, addiction, and longing. But also, knowing Franco, it will probably just be two people screaming at each other, lounging in a bath in long shots while the film flickers and flickers and flickers like so many Instagram pictures collected in the world’s most pretentious gif. It will also get a whole lot of headlines when the project is conceived and hardly any when it finally comes out.

Who knows if he’s going to get to this project before he gets to his cutting edge work on a sexually explicit gay movie. He just has so many edgy projects lined up. Who can keep up with James Franco? (And P.S., he can probably get the real Lindsay to star in his movie for pennies on the dollar.)

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[Photo credit: Wenn.com]


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