James Franco Wants to Direct ‘Child of God’ Now

James FrancoSomeday, James Franco will be the Regal Emperor of Hollywood. That is, if he goes through with all the potential plans he has lined up.

His next quest towards the summit of showbiz royalty:: directing a Cormac McCarthy adaptation. No, not Blood Meridianalthough Franco has declared intentions to direct the film, he’s putting that on hold for now and instead directing another Corman McCarthy adaptation: Child of God.

Cormac McCarthy’s 1973 novel is a dark, twisted tale set in a quiet rural community. I know, shocker. The story followed its main character, Lester Ballard, through a journey of regression into a hermitic, criminal, sociopathic figure.

Little yet is revealed about Franco’s vision for the project, nor about casting or production. Blood Meridian was set to involve Franco’s younger brother Dave, Mark Pellegrino, Luke Perry (the one and only) and Scott Glenn. Whether or not this project persists is up in the air, so we might be seeing some of these cast members jump about Child of God. They’ve got to pay their Franco/McCarthy dues somehow.

This project is far from cemented, so we’ll just have to see what comes from it. But Cormac McCarthy novels are inherently cinematic, and I’d be interested to see what James Franco can do with one. He may be a character, but he’s definitely got artistic sense.

Source: Indiewire