James McAvoy’s ‘Filth’ Trailer — S&M, Cocaine, Alcohol, Violence, Facial Hair, the List Goes On…

Credit: Lionsgate UK

Taking quite a leap from the likes of Charles Xavier and Mr. Tumnus, James McAvoy‘s newest character in the black comedy Filth seems like a bit of an a**hole. The highest degree of cretin, McAvoy’s Bruce Robertson’s life mission is to harness his supernova of authority and power as a member of the police force in order to satisfy his own hedonistic pleasures.

In the below trailer, we see McAvoy embody just about every vice a man can muster: lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, pride, and whatever the last one is (I’m thinking bad penmanship? I always forget. Is it forgetfulness?). But while crooked cops have draped the corridors of haunting pieces throughout dramatic film, McAvoy’s Filth antihero seems to be playing straight for the wicked laughter ever-present in British cinema.

Check out the extremely NSFW red band trailer below.

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