Jamie Bell, Anthony Mackie Join ‘Man On A Ledge’ Cast (UPDATE)

ALT TEXTUPDATE: British actor Jamie Bell is in final negotiations with Summit Entertainment for a spot in the upcoming, Man on a Ledge. If the he lands the role, Bell is set to have a tremendous year, already the leading man in Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn, and also in The Eagle and The Retreat. Congrats, Jamie!

Source: Variety


After warring at the Academy Awards this past year, The Hurt Locker and Avatar are joining forces. Well, kind of.

Variety reports that Anthony Mackie (the non-crazy dude in Hurt Locker) is in negotiations to join the cop thriller Man on a Ledge, already starring Sam Worthington (the dude who became permanently blue in Avatar).

Man on a Ledge, written by Pablo Fenjves (best known as the ghostwriter for O.J. Simpson during his trial) and directed by Asger Leth, centers on an NYPD cop who threatens to jump from a building while at the same time, explores the relationship he has with the psychologist who tries to talk him out of it — a.k.a. 90 minutes of sweating, heavy breathing, and hand held camera. Can’t wait!

In all seriousness, the actors should provide some interesting characters for the film. Both proved they can handle intense situations with their roles in 2009, but we’ll see how each deals with being the focus on screen — when Worthington isn’t hiding behind blue skin and tail, and Mackie isn’t working with some crazy-as-hell cowboy who disarms a gazillion bombs at a time.

Source: Variety