Jamie Chung Joins ‘The Hangover 2’

ALT TEXTLooks like the Nard-Dog has a fiancee that’s a babe.

Jamie Chung (Sorority Row, upcoming Sucker Punch) just joined the cast of The Hangover 2 to play Stu’s (Ed Helms) fiancee. So it appears that the hopeful relationship left at the end of the first film, with Heather Graham‘s beautiful Jade, didn’t turn into anything. (Or in reality, they probably couldn’t get Graham for the sequel).

Anyway, it seems like Chung could create a character who is a perfect fit for Stu. In the first movie, he grew up. He started as a pushover engaged to, as my co-worker Sam describes, a “dehumanizing psycho bitch of a woman” and matured into a man sure of himself. So, what better match for a man with new confidence than a smokin’ hot, exotic woman like Chung.

This is the latest tidbit in a whole slew of recent Hangover 2 news. Last week, Mike Tyson announced that he’d be returning for the sequel (and will probably punch Allen in the face again) and Liam Neeson would replace Mel Gibson’s guest spot. And, director Todd Phillips said that Luke Wilson‘s sex-crazed ex-wife from Old School would make an appearance. One word: awesome.

Sequels have a habit of letting me down, so I’m trying to control my excitement for The Hangover 2, but with the entire cast returning on top of all the other additions, it’s hard not to have high expectations.

Source: The Playlist