Jamie Foxx Joins Kane & Lynch

Jamie FoxxSource: Deadline New York

Cinematic adaptations of video games usually leave blisters on the brains of their audiences, much like what die hard gamers experience after an all-nighter of first person shooting. Still, movie studios continue to try to turn best-selling playable scenarios into profitable films and today, Deadline New York has confirmed that Kane & Lynch, Lionsgate Films adaptation of the Eidos Entertainment title Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, will star two of the most profitable leading men working in Hollywood – Jamie Foxx and Bruce Willis

Willis’ involvement as Kane was long ago confirmed, while the role of Lynch remained open for some time. Yesterday, screenwriter Kyle Ward sent out a tweet stating that Foxx had committed to the role, but the rumor was confirmed today.

Willis plays a mercenary who gets framed, and then is broken out of prison by his former mates, who’ve kidnapped his wife and daughter, and give him 72 hours to recover a doomsday device . Foxx will play his partner, a ticking time bomb of a guy prone to violent rages.

Simon Crane is directing, and Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter produce with David Willis and Millennium. 

Filming is expecting to begin sometime this Spring.