Jamie Foxx to Play Lead in ‘Django Unchained’?


Jamie FoxxTarantino. You hooked yet? If you haven’t heard, the man who founded Big Kahuna Burger, put a twisted spin on the otherwise pleasant Harry Nilsson song “Coconut,” and killed Hitler, is developing a project on the backdrop of American slavery in the upcoming Django Unchained. The title character is a freed slave who becomes a bounty hunter in an effort to rescue his wife from a plantation owner.

We’ve heard mentions of several choices for the title character and the latest, most promising option is Jamie Foxx — who knows his way around both humor and intensity in a fashion perfectly suitable for a Tarantino epic.

Many fans were hopeful about the casting of Will Smith as Django. However, Smith reportedly has no involvement in the film. Other considerations included Idis Ebra, familiar to The Office fans as the insufferable Charles Miner, and Chris Tucker, familiar to everyone as the insufferable Chris Tucker.

Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be “signed” already, and he’s playing against type. Consistently the hero, DiCaprio would be playing Tarantino’s villain, a slave-owner named Calvin Candie. If this deal is legitimate, DiCaprio will share scenes with Tarantino veteran Samuel L. Jackson, who’s playing a slave named Stephen and the number-two man to Candie.

We do know that another Tarantino collaborator will return: Christoph Waltz. Made famous in America with his scene-stealing performance as Nazi detective Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds, Waltz is slated to play a German-immigrant, former dentist, and Django’s associate in bounty hunting.

The casting of DiCaprio, Waltz and Jackson leaves most of us optimistic. The uncertainty circling the lead role might combat this, especially with a few of the mentioned choices. But if Foxx does indeed sign on, we’re in for a sensation. It warrants little explanation why anyone considers Jamie Foxx to be awesome, but here goes anyway: Jarhead. Ray. In Living Color. Django? Let’s hope.

Source: Slashfilm