‘Jane Eyre’ Goes Hardcore In New Trailer

Did I miss something in high school English when we were reading Jane Eyre? I mean, I know I fell asleep everyday in that class (it was really warm and the teacher had the most sonorous voice) but I still read everything (well, most everything) and I do NOT remember Charlotte Bronte being this hardcore. Ghosts? Spirits? When did Bronte become Frank Miller? I used to be afraid of reading these books (fear of being bored to death, high five!), but now I can see I should’ve actually been afraid.

I’m just glad they are able to still throw in the staples of corsets, fancy frilly language, and socio-economic politics of the lower class during the Victorian era (HELL YEAH SERVANTS TALKING BACK TO THEIR GUV’NERS!).

Also: Imogen Poots. Can we all just agree to laugh at this? Let’s not hide it. No reason to be ashamed. Her name is Imogen. Poots. I would’ve killed for that kind of name in elementary school.

Source: ComingSoon