Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde Spend ‘The Longest Week’ Together

Jason BatemanThe whole “rasied-rich young fellow in a state of arrested development (gloss over that) who comes to learn there’s more to life than boozing and billiards” storyline hasn’t been done in a while. Well, the Arthur remake did it just a few months back…but hardly anything since then. And anyway, it’s viable fodder for story. And now, it is being set in the capable comedic hands of Jason Bateman in the comedy The Longest Week.

Bateman plays a spoiled thirty-something who is thrown out of his parents estate, cut off from his family’s fortune, and (worst of all) lovestruck by Olivia Wilde—all in the course of a week.

The original Arthur is probably the most memorable example of this story; however, there have been a ton of other variations. Mel Brooks added some years to the age of the archetypal main character in Life Stinks, while Scott Schwartz subtracted a few in the Richard Pryor comedy The Toy.

Some of these films have been misses; it’s an easy story to mess up. But Bateman is not short on comedic talent, and we can be at least somewhat excited for anything he’s headlining.

Source: Indiewire