Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day Return for ‘Horrible Bosses’ Sequel

Horrible BossesThe news of a Bridesmaids sequel lacking one particularly significant component of Kristen Wiig might make us all need to seek grief counseling, but there’s another bit of sequel news that’s a little brighter: New Line has decided that this summer’s hit comedy Horrible Bosses has earned a developing sequel, with stars Jason Batemen, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day on board.

I was among those who enjoyed Horrible Bosses—a lot more than I expected to, as a matter of fact. Sure, it doesn’t have the wit or depth of Bridesmaids, but what it does have, it churns out in spades: cast chemistry. Bateman, Sudeikis and Day worked wonders together as the classic straight man/wiseass/nutjob team (a comedy formula that dates back to ancient days). However, there is necessarily some skepticism attached to any sequel of a favored film.

Will the trio employ the same “let’s kill our bosses” plotline? If so, how do returning writers John Francis Daley/Jonathan Goldstein (HB director Seth Gordon is also being reached for the sequel) plan to deliver that without seeming repetitive or stale? And if not, well…then what on Earth is the movie going to be about?

More than not, though, I am glad to hear of this news. Horrible Bosses is the sort of fun movie you’d look forward to seeing revisited, but not one you’re all too emotionally attached to that you’d be devastated if they ruined it with a sequel. It’s definitely worth the risk to try at a sequel with this movie. Anything to see Charlie Day in frantic, coked-up exasperation on the big screen again.

Source: Indiewire