Jason Momoa Wants to Write ‘Conan’ Sequel

Jason MomoaJason Momoa has made mention of writing the screenplay for a Conan the Barbarian sequel himself. Now, there is dichotomy of reactions one can have to this news, and I have chosen to articulate both:

One: Momoa, I applaud you. You understand that a movie, while ostensibly owing its pulp to cinematography, score, and, above all, actors, starts with the script. You appreciate your character enough to get involved with his development on paper. You want to learn more about the creation of a story, as you clearly and graciously realize the importance of the written word.

Two: Momoa, I resent you. You think anyone can just write a script? What, did you get bored just being handsome all the time—now you have to prove that you’re smart and creative too? Sure. Devalue the art of writing. I bet established writers around the world really appreciate your contribution.

In all sincerity, I think it’s a great thing when artist expand their bounds to other media (especially when writing is involved). Momoa wishes not simply to build on his character of Conan, but also to create a thick, intriguing villain for the second film. I wish you luck, Momoa… I’m sorry about Two.

Source: Indiewire