Jason Segel’s Maple Syrup Heist Comedy Actually Sounds Kind of Awesome

Jason SegelGetty Images

Sony Pictures seems to be quite hungry for food-themed films as of late. Soon after greenlighting the R-rated animated food-related flick Sausage Party starring Seth Rogen, a comedy about one sausage’s quest to figure out the meaning of life, Sony acquired a film about 2012’s famous Canadian maple syrup heist, according to Deadline

The as-of-yet unnamed film is expected to be written by Chris Sheridan (Family Guy), directed by Seth Gordon (Identify Thief and Horrible Bosses), and feature Jason Segel, who is currently filming 2014’s Sex Tape. It’s not clear who Segel with play, but one can only hope that he’ll be gallivanting around as one of the maple syrup thieves.

The comedy is inspired by the real-life Canadian maple syrup heist where over $20 million worth of syrup was stolen from Quebec’s Federation of Maple Syrup Producers (because of course that’s a thing in Canada). 

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