Jason Statham, Brian DePalma Join for ‘Heat’ Remake

6828385.jpgJason Statham has signed on to star in a Brian De Palma-directed remake of Heat, Variety reports. Not to be confused with Michael Mann’s 1995 thriller, one of the last to feature Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in fully-invested performances, this Heat came out in 1986 and starred Burt Reynolds as an ex-gambler turned mob heavy. William Goldman, writer of the original film, will script the update as well. His first task will be to strip the lead character of any charm or nuance, thus making it safe for Statham to take on.

Source: Variety

Jason Statham can next be seen battling Chinese Triads, Russian Mafiosos, and dirty New York cops in the action thriller Safe, opening April 27. Check out the trailer below: