Jason Statham May Join ‘Echelon’

Jason StathamIn news that won’t surprise anyone, Jason Statham is going to be Jason Statham again.

Deadline reports that the actor is interested in starring in a new action movie called Echelon, a film in which Eric Bana was originally attached. He’s not yet signed on to the project, which is based on the novel Firewall, the third book in Andy McNab’s 13-book series that centers on protagonist Nick Stone. And, yes, because this is a potential Jason Statham vehicle, Nick Stone is a total bad-ass. Seriously. Here’s the book’s synopsis found on Amazon’s site, which is so hilariously Statham-esque that shortening or rewording it would be a crime worthy of Jason Statham putting his foot in your ass.

Nick Stone is on the run after ‘lifting’ one of the heads of what the intelligence services call ROC (Russian Organized Crime). A group of City investors is unhappy with the way the warlord’s activities have manipulated the markets, and they want him taken to St Petersburg for disposal.

Back in London, Stone is given the chance to earn enough money never to have to do this sort of work again. Officials believe that Russia has embarked upon a concerted espionage offensive and has stolen some of the West’s most sensitive military secrets. When Stone goes back to Finland, however, and from there into the former Soviet republic of Estonia, he finds himself caught between implacable opposing forces — to whom he is nothing more than a pawn in a much bigger game.

Dun dun dun.

Source: Deadline