Jason Statham Kicks Ass (But Has a Heart!) in ‘Redemption’ Trailer

You know what to expect when you watch a Jason Statham movie. There’s a lot of action, violence, and there’s usually cars involved.  But after watching the trailer for Redemption, it seems like this movie might be a bit different from the rest. Statham is still beating people up, but he’s also friends with a nun! That’s new.

Credit: Lionsgate

The film was originally titled Hummingbird, but was renamed for the U.S. release because this is America and we like our movie titles less vague. Statham stars as a Special Forces veteran who tries to make a new start… only, his new start involves the criminal underbelly of London. Although he gives away the money he earns to the needy, he seems conflicted about the choices he’s making. Statham may be playing a familiar anti-hero character, but it’s definitely more dramatic than his usual fare. Redemption is in theaters on June 28.

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