‘Jaws’ on Blu-ray: Please, Steven Spielberg, Do a Commentary

Steven SpielbergSteven Spielberg: great director, so-so Blu-ray/DVD releaser. The filmmaker is infamous for never recording audio commentary for any of his films; he is reported to believe that the inclusion of a director’s commentary takes something away from the magic of the film. Although the sentiment behind is mentality is respectable, it might be time to get off his war high horse. Jaws is coming out on Blu-ray/DVD, and this is the perfect opportunity for a director’s commentary from the Oscar-winner.

Jaws was the third feature that Spielberg directed, and the first in his long and continuing line of classics. In its simplicity and straightforward delivery, it is one of the most interesting and emotionally dense movies of its kind. In 1975, Spielberg was pioneering unprecedented filmmaking techniques and involving the world in a motion picture in a way that was both inspiring and accessible.

It also stands to reason that it must be one of the most personal experiences in his professional career: the film launched Spielberg to the status of cinematic visionary. Immediately after Jaws, Spielberg released an array of classics — Close Encounters, the first two Indiana Jones films, ET. In short, Jaws was Spielberg’s big break and his first “important” movie.

Due to its artistic innovation, its cultural significance, and the impact it had on Spielberg’s career, Jaws would be the perfect film for the great director to break his trend of commentary abstinence. If Spielberg is worried about diminishing the movie’s power, he should chew on this: Nothing can diminish the power of Jaws.

Jaws will release on Blu-ray on August 14, marking Universal Studios’ 100 year anniversary.


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