Sorry, But Jay-Z Is Not Writing the Score for ‘The Great Gatsby’


So, Jay-Z isn’t writing the score to Baz Luhrman‘s The Great Gatsby  after all. According to the studio, he will be contributing to and producing the soundtrack, which is sure to be amazing (I still have the soundtrack to Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge in heavy rotation on my iTunes) but the score for the actual movie is going to be written by Craig Armstrong (no relation to Tour de France liar Lance). 

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Jeymes Samuel of The Bullitts (who apparently went to a school district where they do not teach spelling) originally Twittered that the two of them were busy writing the score.

Turns out he was wrong. That’s what you get for trusting a guy who can’t spell. Anyway, doesn’t RZA already have a lock on the “rapper turned film score writer/movie maker” role? We don’t need a turf war between these two. That rap beef nonsense is so 1998. 

An official press release (via Reuters) sheds light on how the rumors began in the first place. Apparently Luhrmann and Jay-Z were introduced by Leonardo DiCaprio (who plays Jay Gatsby in the film), and it led to a two-year collaborative effort. Per the release, “During this time, Jay-Z worked with Luhrmann and his team to capture, translate and contrast the feelings of Fitzgerald’s decadent era with that of our own, using hip-hop and jazz, music contemporary and period, to bring two distinct American moments to simultaneous life.”

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