Jeff Bridges Attached To ‘The Giver’ Adaptation

Jeff Bridges Attached To ‘The Giver’ Adaptation

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Beverly Hills, CA. 02-07-2011

Jeff BridgesAwesome book. Amazing actor. Great screenwriter. You could add John Singleton on to direct and I’d still be super excited about this project. Lois Lowry’s The Giver (which, to those who haven’t read it, is kind of like a 1984 or a Brave New World that is more approachable for younger readers) is being adapted to film. And it’s awesome. It was one of the first books I loved, one of the first endings I tried to analyze, and one of those stories that would probably be really, really terrific as a film—if done right. And with Jeff Bridges and House of Sand and Fog writer Vadim Perelman on board, all signs point to a great adaptation.

Bridges has never once been less than sensational onscreen. He does his thing—it’s usually a pretty similar thing to the last few times he did a thing, but… I don’t know, it’s just one of those things. No one seems to mind. Bridges has stated that he envisioned the titular Giver being portrayed by his father, Lloyd Bridges, before he passed. The senior Bridges was an acting phenomenon as well, but what his son has on him is a softer touch, required for playing the God-figure in consideration. Jeff Bridges has submitted that, as he ages, he begins to see himself more suited to play the role.

Book adaptations often breed controversy among fans, but even as a big fan of the book, I have nothing but optimism about this project. Of course, the lead role — twelve year-old Jonas — will have to be expertly cast. For some reason, I feel like a Smith is going to get in on this…

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