Which Hot Young Starlet Is Gussied Up Like a ’70s Mob Wife?

Credit: Patriot Pics/FameFlynet

It’s the perfect disguise: under all that make-up, giant sunglasses, trenchcoat, neck brace, and a whole lotta blonde hair piled on top of her pretty head, Jennifer Lawrence is almost unrecognizable. 

Don’t worry — our newly brunette girl next door hasn’t lost her mind or her down-to-earth likeability. She’s simply on set for David O. Russell’s still-untitled FBI flick in Boston. The film is centered around the late ’70s FBI sting operation Abscam, and Lawrence is slated as the wife to Bradley Cooper’s leading man, teaming the duo up again in the wake of their Silver Linings Playbook success (which, in case you forgot, was also an O. Russell movie). 

To boot, we’ve seen her draped in even wackier 1970s clothes fairly recently in the name of O. Russell’s art. And believe it or not, the hair does get bigger

We’re not a fan of the Joan Collins look, especially on the girl we love to love for her easygoing, yes-I’m-smoking-pot-on-The-Hunger-Games-set ways, but is it wrong to say that Lawrence is kind of pulling this overly ornate ’70s look off? Or are we just that obsessed with her?

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