Jeremy Piven And Thomas Jane Join ‘I Melt With You’

ALTALTTwo HBO stars are about to get serious. Jeremy Piven and Thomas Jane, of Entourage and Hung, respectively, have joined I Melt With You, an ensemble thriller about the lives of four middle-aged men. Director Mark Pellington, of The Mothman Prophecies, described the film as “very dark and very low budget” and said that it deals with “mortality, aging and friendship”. I can’t speak for dark, but the film is definitely low budget, costing less than one million dollars despite its ensemble, and name, cast.

Rob Cowan (The Crazies) and Norm Reiss, who worked with Pellington on last year’s Henry Poole Is Here, are producing the film, with Neil Labute, Heidi Levitt, Aaron Gilbert and Thomas Jane executive producing. Pellington worked on the script with Glenn Porter, who, according to always-reliable IMDB, usually works in visual effects. No word yet if Modern English will provide the soundtrack, but I can only hope.

Since it’s probably already stuck in your head, here’s the song.

Source: Deadline