Jeremy Piven Will Go ‘So Undercover’

Jeremy PivenGet ready to be disappointed and underwhelmed. Jeremy Piven, the man with the golden tongue who somehow made an asshole of a Hollywood agent with a vocabulary built around variations of the word “cocksucker” lovable on Entourage is throwing his lot in with none other than teen idol Miley Cyrus. Join me as I look up at the sky and say WHAT? Doesn’t he know that his legendary role as Ari Gold gives him license to say no to projects that are less than awesome (or at least ones that allow him to use the word cocksucker)? Apparently not.

Joining Piven in this wholesome film is Mike O’Malley, who plays Kurt’s dad on Glee. O’Malley will continue his fatherly run, playing Cyrus’ characters’ father as well. Piven will play Special Agent Armon, and I’m guessing will give Cyrus’ “tough, street-smart” P.I. a hard time. I’m also hoping that Cyrus’ undercover assignment at a college sorority brings out the sarcasm in Piven, but then again it’s a Miley Cyrus movie. Well, crap.

Source: Coming Soon