Jeremy Renner Adds ‘Slingshot’ To His Plate

jeremy rennerSure, why not. We all know Jeremy Renner is a busy man. This is a fact. Now he just seems to be messing with us. Not only is he doing his own version of a Steve McQueen biopic in addition to the four major features he’s starring in (the Bourne reboot, The Avengers, M:I 4, and one of the billion Hansel and Gretel fairy tale movies being made), he just added another movie to the list and he wants to star in it and produce it. Thankfully though, this one sounds interesting.

Slingshot follows the true story of a guy who bought a ‘91 BMW through Craigslist and then entered a professional rally race. And he came in third. That’s hardcore. Apparently, Renner is cognizant of how thin he’s stretching himself and will only do one of the two films he is developing. So, it’ll either be this racing movie or the McQueen biopic. Start placing your bets but methinks the safe bet would be that he’ll do both. If anyone can find a way, Renner can.

Source: /Film