Jerry Lewis in Heart Attack Air Scare

Veteran funnyman Jerry Lewis is recovering in a San Diego, California, hospital after suffering a heart attack on an airplane on Sunday.

The 80-year-old fell ill at the end of a cross-country commercial flight and was immediately rushed to hospital on landing.

His publicist Candi Cazau says, “It was determined that he suffered a very minor heart attack, and that he has a touch of pneumonia.

“He’s doing extremely well.”

Despite his stable condition, Lewis remains hospitalized and plans for a four-night comeback appearance in mid-July at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas have been cancelled.

In 2004, Lewis spent three months in hospital to undergo a managed withdrawal from the steroid prednisone, which he had been taking for a chronic lung ailment, pulmonary fibrosis. He has failed to make any live performances since.

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