‘Jersey Shore’ Season 3 DVD Review

jersey shore season 3Jersey Shore has long been known as MTV’s most successful series, and it’s not difficult to figure out why. The characters, the dialog, arguments, and hook-ups all exhibit what it’s like to live without the fear of facing consequences of our actions, and we watch it because the drama is such a unique combination of being completely unnecessary yet invigorating. We can question the reasoning behind our fervent faith to this show as much as we want, but it’s always going to be one of those forms of entertainment, where the pull to watch it is stronger than the quality of it’s content. That being said and acknowledged, an excellent way to prepare for the fourth season of Jersey Shore on August 4th is to watch the entire third season on DVD, which comes out on July 26th. Now, fans of the inventors of “t-shirt time” and “Ron-Ron Juice” will have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the shenanigans that will invade Europe by reliving some of the most recent glory days on the shore.

Obviously the DVD has all thirteen episodes of the season (uncensored, that is!), but a variety of special features can be found on each of the four discs. For instance, several “After Hours” specials (20 minute segments — that appeared on MTV.com after each episode aired on television — where various cast members sat down with host Julissa Bermudez and talked about what kind of atrocities home viewers just witnessed) are available for enjoyment, but most of the best content is located on the fourth DVD. One section is devoted to a behind the scenes look at an OK! Magazine photo shoot the cast did, where they’re sitting on a carousel and making kissy faces at the horse figurines and talking about how much of a better roommate Deena was compared to Angelina. There’s also a feature where you can watch 8 confessionals, which is when a cast member goes into a small room (either by themselves or with a buddy) to share their thoughts about something that happened in the house, like about who just had sex with who or just to talk about what they were going to do with the juicehead they were planning on bringing back to the house that night. And of course there are a cluster of extended scenes, and perhaps the best one is where Snooki’s at a club and she’s talking to a guy and she decides she wants to introduce him to Dr. Steinberg, who is a plant.

But the most important special feature was the forty-minute Reunion Special. The entire cast met up again with Julissa Bermudez and answered pointless questions about the season, like why Jenni’s bladder is so small that she has to pee behind cars and bars instead of just walking to the bathroom, and what Pauly’s romance with Vinny is about. And since Ronnie and Sammi spent the whole season fighting with each other so much that Pauly threatened to kill himself if their relationship continued, Ronnie and Sammi had to answer questions about the current status of their relationship and comment about all the arguments they had. But before you quickly dismiss this season DVD as not worthy of your time, remember two things: one, that you still haven’t been able to find a single Blu-ray of Erin Brockovich at any of your local entertainment stores and two, that thirteen hours of Jersey Shore has been medically proven to satiate even the most resistant of strep throats. (It really does sell itself, doesn’t it?)