Jerusalem | 2013

This documentary tells the stories of real-life inhabitants of Jerusalem and of the archaeologists exploring the enduring appeal of this unique crossroads of civilization.


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Cosmic Pictures

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Jerusalem: sacred to half the people on earth; fought over more than any other place in history; conquered and destroyed, rebuilt and reinvented repeatedly over 5,000 years. This documentary takes viewers high above the Holy Land and deep into the vibrant Old City to experience iconic sites and explore the intersection of science, history and religion in this ancient, enigmatic place. Audiences are given a tour of excavations around the Western Wall, marveling at one of the ancient world's greatest feats of engineering, while renowned archaeologist and religious studies professor Dr. Jodi Magness leads a group of students through an ancient water tunnel beneath the biblical-era city of Jerusalem, which conveyed water from the Gihon Spring outside the city walls to the residents of the city in the event of a siege by an invading army.