Jesse Eisenberg Goes For The Magic In ‘Now You See Me’

jesse eisenbergOh, Jesse Eisenberg. It’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll watch anything you appear in because for one, you’re a funny and a great actor and two, you make me feel cooler than I have any right to feel.

The Oscar-nominated Zombieland (those two are unrelated, unfortunately) actor just attached himself to Now You See Me, a film about a group of stage magicians who rob banks on the side. There isn’t any word on if they’ll be doing actual magic or just sleight of hand illusions, but still, the thought of Eisenberg with a wand pulling a rabbit out of the hat is pretty chuckle-worthy. Also, it’s good to see that the skills he learned in 30 Minutes or Less are being put to good use. You don’t want to repeat yourself, Zuckerberg.

Source: Variety