Jesse Eisenberg Heads to Court Over Direct-to-DVD ‘Camp Hell’

Jesse Eisenberg
According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Los Angeles judge has given Jesse Eisenberg the go-ahead to sue Lionsgate for its promotion of a direct-to-DVD movie in which the actor had a cameo.

In 2007, as a favor to his director friends who were filming the low-budget horror movie Camp Hell, Eisenberg agreed to a tiny role. Much to his surprise, however, when the DVD was released in August of last year, Eisenberg — who has obviously shot to superstardom as an actor since his Oscar nomination for The Social Network — was front and center on the DVD cover, with his name above the title.

Accordingly, the star is suing the studio, claiming false advertising and a violation of his right of publicity. Plus, he’s seeking $3 million.

Eisenberg’s pursuit was tentatively granted on Tuesday by a judge whose ruling essentially stated that Lionsgate’s argument of free speech doesn’t apply because of the commercial nature of the “content of the materials.”

Catch Eisenberg in Woody Allen‘s lawsuit-free (as far as we know) To Rome with Love, out this Friday.

[Image: DailyCeleb]


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