Jesse Eisenberg to Star in ‘The Double’ Adaptation by ‘Submarine’ Director

Jesse EisenbergThere are two kinds of people in the world. People who think Jesse Eisenberg is a “one-trick pony Michael Cera ripoff,” and the other group, to which I subscribe, who believe that he’s the bee’s knees. In any event, this superb actor is taking a starring role in an adaptation of Dostoevsky’s The Double, directed by Submarine helmer Richard Ayoade.

Eisenberg has certainly got a distinct flavor, but he’s a nuanced actor who applies different degrees of his style to his roles as suitable. Besides, the people who trash him only ever cite Adventureland, Zombieland and The Social Network. If you’ve seen The Squid and the Whale or (one of my absolute favorite movie ever made) The Living Wake, you know that he’s far more versatile than he’s given credit for.

Ayoade, whose roots are in comedy performance, admits that the movie will be a loose interpretation, as the theme of the book is a very intangible, personal matter: “man’s descent into madness.” In addition to the super well-received Submarine adaptation, the proficiently stylized filmmaker also shot one of the best (albeit artistically controversial) episodes of Community. So, my faith in him at this point will be hard to shake.

And I assume I don’t have to sing the praises of Dostoevsky. Just in case: that guy’s good at writing.

All in all, see this movie. See it with everything you’ve got.

Source: Indiewire