‘Jigsaw’ Is Back For Another Game In 1st Trailer


Something has been missing from our lives.

For the past 7 years, we’ve been missing one of the best horror villains (and franchises) of all times.

Saw 3D was supposed to be the last film in the franchise, but it was supposed to be split into two films. The production company only wanted one film, and writers of the film felt the big reveal of (Spoiler) Dr. Gordon as the Jigsaw killer was a little too underwhelming. The writers had more ideas, but never really knew if they would have a chance to end their story.

But not anymore. That creepy clown doll riding a tricycle who just wants to play a game is back. In ‘Jigsaw’,  murders are happening everywhere. The killings seem a little too familiar, a little too much like the killer Jigsaw’s Modus Operandi. More clues hatch all over the place, and when his DNA is found on some evidence, it doesn’t seem like it’s a copycat killer.



‘Jigsaw’ releases Halloween, October 21, 2017.