The 10 Funniest Movie Moments of Jim Carrey

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Yes, he’s done wonders with drama. Yes, he’s far more than just funny faces and loud noises. But dammit, we like the wacky Jim Carrey. We like Ace VenturaDumb & DumberThe Cable Guy… hell, we were even pretty fond of Yes Man. And now that Carrey is taking a turn in Kick-Ass 2, we’re happy to revisit his more humorous stylings of yore. Sure, the bombastic contortionist has got a slew of comedic classics to his name. But what are some of his funniest gags ever committed to screen?

We braved the question, putting together our gallery of Jim Carrey’s 10 funniest movie moments, drawing from old favorites from the Farrelly Brothers days and a few post-millennial triumphs as well. Check out our gallery and weigh in: what is your pick for Carrey’s funniest movie moment?

GALLERY: Jim Carrey’s 10 Funniest Movie Moments

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