Jim Carrey Is Back On Track to Gallivant Through Europe in ‘Pierre...

Jim Carrey Is Back On Track to Gallivant Through Europe in ‘Pierre Pierre’

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey“It was too good to be true,” we said. “We should have known it wouldn’t last,” we said. Some pretty dark emotions swept us when we realized that the greatest movie idea in ages would not be likely to reach the screen. I’m talking, of course, about Pierre Pierrethe Jim Carrey comedy about a narcissistic Frenchman who plots to steal and sell the Mona Lisa in order to earn enough money to move out of his parents’ house and leave his homeland of France. The concept has circulated since at least 2008, promising all the while to be life-affirming.

Unfortunately, things gradually petered out, and we all assumed the project was lost forever…or, at least those of us with tendencies toward the dramatic. But schedule a worldwide rejoicing session: Pierre Pierre is back on track for a summer shoot!

The movie is being directed by Larry Charles (film magician behind Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, Brüno, and the upcoming The Dictator, as well as many a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode), and has Carrey starring as the central criminal manchild who just might start to appreciate his great homeland a bit more once his tumultuous journey takes way. Primary production is set to take place in Germany this summer. It is also reported that the budget has been amped up to $30 million thanks to a regal list of supporting actors.

Rejoice, humanity. Our one collective wish has come true.

Source: Screen Daily