Jimmy Kimmel Talks About Hosting The Oscars


The Academy Awards is the biggest night for movies and millions of people watch it. As nervous as the presenters and nominees are, the host has the biggest magnifying glass.

The show solely rides on your shoulders. Will you be fantastic like Billy Crystal and so many hosts before, or will you be like James Franco and Anne Hathaway and bomb? Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 89th Academy Awards, and while the show wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t his fault, and ABC has asked him to host again.

In the above interview, Jimmy Kimmel talks about what it was like to be asked to host the Oscars for the second time, the most challenging part about being a host of any award show, whats different about hosting the Oscars and why it’s so gratifying, the best part about hosting the show, and finally how he’s prepared for this years Oscars.


‘The 90th Academy Awards’ airs March 4, 2018, at 8 est. on ABC

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