JK! Mary Elizabeth Winstead Is ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’s’ Wife!

Mary Elizabeth WinsteadSo remember when earlier this week we said that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’s wife would be played by Robin McLeavy? Yeah, we were just kidding about that. Turns out, she’ll be played by the extremely awesome Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Sorry for the confusion, but when you have eight people screaming at you and they’re all yelling different things you’re gonna hear some weird stuff. Anyway, you might recall Ms. Winstead from the uber-awesome Scott Pilgrim Vs The World as well as Live Free or Die Hard, both cases managing to kick all kinds of ass.

She’s set to star opposite Benjamin Walker as Honest Abe with Timur Bekmambetov directing. Dominic Cooper and Anthony Mackie also co-star.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter