‘Joe Dirt 2’ with David Spade Is the Sequel We Didn’t Know We Wanted

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Everybody wants to be in the biz — no longer are Netflix, Yahoo, and the newest member of the troupe Crackle.com satisfied with streaming other outlets’ material. The latter site has announced that it will be joining its ambitious Internet brethren in broadening its creation of original content, declaring via The Hollywood Reporter that it will be developing its own feature films. And what better way to strut proudly into the glitzy sea of lights that is Hollywood than with a Joe Dirt sequel?

Inscrutably, you read that correctly. Crackle is putting together a follow-up to the 2001 comedy, which will reunite star David Spade with his good-hearted white trash character. As Crackle says of the project: “[This] will break new ground as the first made for digital movie that is a sequel to a hit motion picture.”

We last left Dirt a happy man, having finally found the loving family for which he sought through his entire life — among the lot, an affectionate girlfriend Brandy (Brittany Daniels), a doting father figure (Christopher Walken). Where do you think a Joe Dirt sequel will take the original’s dysfunctional characters?

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