Joe Manganiello Joins ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’

Joe MangianelloSo, here’s what the strategy for What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ seems to be: 1. Go to Wikipedia’s “Living People” page. 2. Hire all of those guys.

Added to the small society of human beings cast in the upcoming comedy film is Joe Manganiello of True Blood. Manganiello’s character will be your standard free-living ladies man, inspiring jealousy in his male companions. “Davis,” as is reported to be his name, will have many scenes with Chris Rock‘s character, who is slated to lead a support group for expectant fathers.

Just yesterday, we found out that Chace Crawford, whose first name my spell check and I have a serious problem with, would sign on to play a food trucker paired romantically with Anna Kendrick, who will also be appearing in the sensation that will be 50/50.

And, in case you haven’t received the comprehensive list, here’s everyone else who’s going to be in this thing: Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Ed HelmsRob Huebel, Brooklyn Decker, Elizabeth Banks and Isla Fischer.

Source: Vulture