Joel McHale Hops Aboard for ‘Ted’

Joel McHaleThe always lovable Joel McHale is about to get a little mean. He’s signed on for Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming flick, Ted, as a big bad boss. The movie already has Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg attached to star as a couple who can’t move forward until Wahlberg’s character sorts out his ridiculous relationship with his childhood teddy bear. And oh yeah, the teddy bear has come to life and become a womanizing sleazebag. Alright, I’m listening.

McHale, who takes time every week to tear apart the dregs of pop culture on The Soup and stars in the fantastic and hilarious NBC comedy Community, will play Rex, Kunis’ boss who’s trying desperately to get into her pants while she deals with her boyfriend problems. McHale has made his mark as the lovable asshole on Community, but it will be fun to see him go full-jerk in the MacFarlane pic. Plus, it’s just exciting to see someone who works just as hard as Ryan Seacrest (see: their playful feud on E!) get the work and recognition that they deserve. This isn’t exactly a leading man role, but I think it’s a step in the right direction.

Source: Deadline