‘John Carter’ IMAX Poster Makes Big Scary Ape Aliens Even Bigger

Scale has always been one of my biggest worries for John Carter. Are the trailers and posters properly selling the epic adventure in store for audiences? Is there even an epic adventure to sell? The latest trailer quelled some of my worries, imagination on full display with hulking spacecrafts, alien oddities and a Zardoz-esque John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) running amok on the red planet. Squinting at the tiny video on my computer may not have done the scope of the movie justice, but the potential was certainly there.

In hopes of reminding us that John Carter isn’t just a big screen experience in the pipeline but a BIG BIG BIG event, Disney has released an official IMAX 3D poster for the movie, featuring a still shot from one of the trailer’s more action-packed moments. If you thought Luke vs. the Rancor in Return of the Jedi was terrifying, I imagine Mr. Carter’s arena fight with two, giant, white, fanged monkey beasts will up the ante. Sorry, Star Wars.

Find out how a mild mannered Civil War solider made his way to Mars and eventually became the famed Coach Carter when John Carter hits normal and IMAX theaters March 9.

Source: Fandango