‘John Carter of Mars’ & ‘Now’ Change Titles

John Carter of MarsOver the next year, two major sci-fi flicks hit theaters — but their titles might not be what you originally thought. According to Screenrant, Disney’s John Carter of Mars adaptation and writer/director Fox’s Now have changed their names to John Carter and In Time, respectively. Why? Well, there’s speculation that with the former, Disney felt its title would remind too many of Mars Needs Moms, that horrible, horrible animated film from earlier this year that did nothing except scare children with weird animated faces that were so real they were fake. Eesh. Anyway, things were slightly different regarding In Time. Supposedly, Fox just didn’t like the “tricky-to-use” (read: tricky to market) name and I guess I can see that: “Would you like to go see that movie Now?” “Sure, now?” “Yes, Now.” “Like now, now?” “Yes dude, NOW!” “Okay, okay! Easy. We’ll go now!” “No, dude, I want to go later.”

Source: ScreenRant