‘John Carter’ Trailer: “John Carter Fights For Us!” Against Crazy Monsters

If you’re not already excited about John Carter, the new trailer will get you there. Sure, the concept seems silly. Some guy gets mysteriously transported from Earth to Mars to settle a war between the red people and the blue people, all the while trying to keep an invading race from mining the planet and struggling to ward off giant gorillas. To some, that might be a deterrent.

But the trailer sells it, even more so than the still-pretty-awesome previous one. Every moment in the new preview for Andrew Stanton’s fantasy adventure is not simply fast-paced, but chock full of legitimately interesting excitement. Questions are begged: who is John Carter? How has he come to Mars? Why is he joining this war? Which side will he choose? In fact, there are plenty more questions begged by the trailer. But luckily, there will also be the actual movie. That’ll probably have some of the answers. For now, check out the enthralling trailer over at Apple, and get ready for Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe and Mark Strong in John Carter on March 9!