John Goodman Joins Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’

ALT TEXTJohn Goodman has joined Kevin Smith to scare the crazy out of everyone.

Goodman was just cast in Red State, Smith’s upcoming political horror film based on the life of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps. You know, that D-bag who pickets military funerals and holds up signs that say “God hates fags.” A real charmer.

Anyway, Goodman joins a cast that features Quentin Tarantino vet Michael Parks as Phelps, among a few others less known actors (check out the list here). Smith said that he intends to fill most of the roles with “recognizable unknowns,” which isn’t too surprising considering the film only has about a $4 million budget. In fact, if you’re liking the idea of Red State and really want to give a big middle finger to the religious right (or you just want to work/smoke a blunt with Silent Bob), you can sign up to work as an extra right now right here (if you’re in the L.A. area).

Goodman’s addition to the cast is exciting news. Anyone remember his politically-charged character in Treme? If not, check out this video. That dude is angry! Imagine him channeling all that hate and ripping Fred Phelps in half. Or better yet, imagine Goodman on Phelp’s side being a total asshat. It’d make everyone hate Westboro even more. Yay for political divides!

Source: Coming Soon