John Krasinski In Talks For ‘Nobody Walks’

Olivia ThirlbyIt’s raining here in New York City. And not the fun kind of rain that you feel replenishes the Earth. No, this is the kind of rain that barely drizzles and really exists just to piss you off. Even 4/20 couldn’t make this better. But this news helps, in a slight way.

John Krasinski, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Olivia Thirlby are all in negotiations to star in Nobody Walks, a film that finds a family living with a wild artist who causes some anarchy for a week. Ry Russo-Young is directing the indie that she co-wrote with Lena Dunham. Seriously, this project couldn’t have a better cast, director or writers. While I’m not as familiar with Russo-Young as I am with Dunham (whose Tiny Furniture was absolutely wonderful, and her HBO series Girls looks amazing), I’m pretty sure that anyone she’s willing to work with is worthwhile. And the cast? DeWitt has been killing it on United States of Tara lately and Krasinski has nonchalantly shrugged his way into America’s hearts for the past seven seasons of The Office. As for Thirlby? Juno’s writing was good and all at the time, but it hasn’t aged as well as Thirby has.

So yes, this film will probably be just as good as the ice cream with cereal I’m eating right now. Come to think of it, today’s date might have a little something to do with my excitement. Probably. Maybe. Ooh, someone brought cake!

Source: Variety