John Travolta To Play John Gotti Sr. In Gangster Biopic

John TravoltaIt was only a matter of time before the Gotti’s made their way to the big screen. The family became a media sensation with the A&E show Growing Up Gotti, despite the death of John Gotti Sr. in 2002 and the incarceration of John Gotti Jr. earlier in the decade. Now they’re going to be the subject of a feature film from director Nick Cassavetes (Alpha Dog) that will dramatize the relationship between Gotti Sr., the head of the Gambino crime family, and his son, who had the torch passed to him when his father headed to prison. 

John Travolta will play the elder gangster in the film, which was penned by Leo Rossi. Marc Fiore is producing for his Fiore Films and Gotti Jr. has given his blessing for the picture. The plan is to shoot entirely on location in New York, where Gotti plans on joining Cassavetes, Travolta and Fiore for a press conference on April 12 to talk about the project.

The Gambino crime family’s story is one riddled with violence, jealousy, double crosses and crime, which will undoubtedly make for a compelling piece of eye-opening entertainment. America has always had a fascination with gangsters real (like John Dilliger, subject of 2009’s Public Enemies) and imaginary (like Tony Montana from Scarface, who was representative of the Cuban cocaine dealers of 1980s Miami), so there’s no reason to think that with a wonderful filmmaker like Cassavetes at the helm this film won’t be worthy of your attention.

Source: Fiore Films